Building strong communities through trust, Rich Vista was launched back in 1995 in Perth, Australia. Like any family-owned business, the journey started with small steps. After launching our first project Summer Pine Private Estate in 1997, Rich Vista gradually grew to be a firmly established development company.


Rich Vista’s vision spans far beyond architecture and concretes. We believe in empowering communities - building not just constructions, but harmonious neighbourhoods, convenient public facilities, and well-planned infrastructures into flourishing, sustainable townships.


After dabbling in various types of large-scaled projects and consistently delivering  good quality products throughout the years, Rich Vista has gained trust and built strong rapport with the communities. With that strong trust and a wealth of experiences, Rich Vista embarks to take on new challenges and further spread our wings.


In the past two decades, Rich Vista has worked on projects of various types and scales. Residentials, public facilities, education centers and even town infrastructures are in our portfolio, and we are looking forward to add even more to that list.

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